The international seminars of PRC and EAPC RN

An update, a training ground and a meeting place

In 2011, the international seminars were initiated as a supplement to the larger research congresses. The need for a smaller, more focused arena for palliative care researchers to meet and discuss their results was the backdrop for this establishment, and the first seminar was held in Copenhagen in October 2011.

The GW Hanks seminar

Since then, the seminars have developed both in content and form. For the PRC and EAPC RN collaboratives this annual meeting is a place for researchers at all levels to come together and dicuss both existing and upcoming research projects, as well as research strategies, opportunities and challenges. The last years abstract-driven sessions have been introduced, and in 2015 the first ever abstract award winner will be presented.

All sessions are held in plenary, ensuring an intimate atmosphere and lively discussions among the entire audience.

For the last three years, the seminar has been entitled the «GW Hanks seminar» as a tribute to Professor Geoffrey W. Hanks, co-founder of the PRC, who passed away in 2013. The key note lecture at each seminar also reflects this.

Capital of the north

The fifth edition of the PRC / EAPC RN seminar is held in Leeds, UK, 15-16 October 2015. For two days researchers will meet in the «northern capital» of the UK and get updates on topics such as symptom management, complex interventions and treatment guidelines. Dr. Florian Strasser from Switzerland has been invited to give the GW Hanks lecture on «Integrated symptom assessment and management».

Leeds Town Hall

In addition to these themes, nine abstracts have been chosen for oral presentation, widening the scope of the seminar. The seminars have become a popular arena for younger researchers to present their findings, and for seniors to give their valuable input and guidance. This year we will have presentations on several aspects of symptom assessment and management, new results from drug trials and perspectives on symptoms besides pain and cachexia.

Does research lead to clinical change?

The seminar adresses the question «How can research inform clinical practice in palliative care?» Hopefully two days in Leeds will bring new insights to this approach, and perhaps also some new ideas?

Download the final programme and register now at


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